Volume 9 - August 2016    

Witness an Incredible Sponsorship with The Chronicle Herald

"Witness Incredible" is the new ad campaign for Nationals, generously donated by our Platinum Sponsor The Chronicle Herald.

This partnership has allowed the ADCKC to promote the Championships throughout Halifax and its surrounding areas. With the help of our Silver Sponsor, T4G we have created our iconic ‘Witness Incredible’ newspaper promotion.

Thanks to The Chronicle Herald, we have been able to give the 2016 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships a face lift, and help bring a bigger crowd to cheer on our amazing Canadian athletes!

Working with The Chronicle Herald has been such a great fit. We cannot thank The Chronicle Herald enough for everything they have done for the National Championships, and promotion of the sport of Canoe Kayak for many years.

"The Chronicle Herald has connected Nova Scotia communities for over a century with news and information. Through its partnership with the Atlantic Division of Canoe Kayak Canada the Herald has been able to assist with developing some of Canada's greatest athletes," said Herald Chief Operating Officer Ian Scott.

"The Herald wishes all the athletes at the 2016 Sprint Championships great success" – Ian Scott.

Host Organizing Committee Sub-Members Highlight

Host Organizing Committee Sub-Committee Members: Ceremonies & Social Requirements Committee

The Ceremonies & Social Requirements Committee has been hard at work planning the many social events that go along with Nationals. We are excited to see their hard work through Burgeefest, Champions of Rings, the Senior Dance and the Junior Dance.

We owe the Ceremonies & Social Requirements a HUGE thank you for their commitment, dedication and organization. Planning events of this size comes with many challenges, but the committee has planned these events seamlessly.

Thank you to Claudette Clattenburg, Cora Lee Murrin-Beauchamp, Debra Vieth-Morse, Heather Corrigan, Hannah Vaughan, Hannah MacIntosh, Tracy White, and Karen Swan.

Halifax Airport: War Canoe Display

On Thursday, August 4, we had the pleasure of visiting our Silver Sponsor – The Halifax Stanfield International Airport. During this meeting, we installed our latest display which will greet all the athletes from outside the province. 

The display is a hand crafted war canoe by Robert Fraser (photographed below). The 30-foot war canoe was originally featured at the 2012 Olympics in London. Thank you Robert, for allowing us to feature this gorgeous boat, and thank you to the Halifax Airport – and their staff – for helping us set up the display!

If you find yourself at the airport leading up to Nationals, make sure to check it out!

Robert Fraser, standing beside his hand-carved war canoe on display in the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. 









Club Cheer

Over these past weeks, the summer students at the Atlantic Division visited several of the member clubs. These visits were to encourage paddlers and increase their excitement towards Nationals.

It is special to see these athletes get dressed up and celebrate the spirit of the 2016 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships. 

Keep your eyes out for more information on our Club Cheer, there may be a contest involved! 

Halifax Transit 

Travelling through an unfamiliar city can be a challenge, but we’re here to help. 

All athletes competing at Nationals will be given one Credential card that allows them free, unrestricted access to all Halifax Transit buses and ferries (excluding MetroLink and MetroX buses), from August 29 – September 4. The Credential must be presented to the driver to be allowed access to the bus.

Thankfully, Lake Banook is easily accessible through several Halifax Transit bus routes: 54, 55, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, and 68. Visit Halifax Transit schedules for a full list of routes. 

For trip planning, we recommend using Google Maps or the Transit 360 application. Both are excellent ways to plan your way around Halifax and Nationals. Transit 360 is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

Get familiar with our routes:

Route 54 Notable areas on this route: Alderney Gate and Mic Mac Mall

Route 55  Notable areas on this route: Dartmouth Bridge Terminal and Mic Mac Mall

Route 58 Notable areas on this route: Penhorn Mall, Alderney Gate, and Dartmouth Bridge Terminal

Route 59 Notable areas on this route: Dartmouth Bridge Terminal, Alderney Gate, and Penhorn Mall

Route 60 Notable areas on this route: Dartmouth Bridge Terminal, Alderney Gate, and Woodside Ferry

Route 61  Notable areas on this route: Barrington Street, Dartmouth Bridge Terminal, and Alderney Gate

Route 62 Notable areas on this route: Dartmouth Bridge Terminal, Alderney Gate, and Cole Harbor Place

Route 63 Notable areas on this route: Dartmouth Bridge Terminal, Alderney Gate, and Dartmouth General Hospital

Route 68 Notable areas on this route: QEII Hospital, Dartmouth Bridge Terminal, and Alderney Gate

If at any time you have questions, email or give us a call at +1-902-466-9925 and we’ll be happy to help!


Our Burgees have arrived!

Join us for BurgeeFest on Saturday, September 3, in the Mic Mac AAC parking lot from 5-6 pm.

All paddlers are encouraged to create their own Burgee with a funny, creative and team-spirited message/slogan and share it to the BurgeeFest page (#bestburgee) and make sure to tag us. The best burgee in Canada will win BurgeeFest sunglasses at the celebration!

Keep an eye out at the event for our life-size cut outs of some of the National Team members. You can pose as one, or get a photo with them. Don’t forget to share your photos using #BurgeeFest.

Sack-a-wa Snacks at Junior Dance

At the Junior Dance, Sack-a-wa will be providing a delicious variety of snacks. Make sure to bring some change as you’ll surely work up an appetite!

Chips - $1.00

Pop - $1.00

Chocolate bars - $1.50

Gatorade - $2.00

Pizza - $3.50

Don't forget that the Junior Dance will be held on Saturday, September 3rd from 8pm-12am, at the Dartmouth Sportsplex (110 Wyse Rd., Dartmouth). Tickets are $20 each and must be pre-ordered before August 20th by one Club representative. For every ten tickets purchased, the Club must name one chaperone to accompany these attendees. Contact to pre-order you ticket.

Club representatives must pick up and pay for their tickets during Nationals by 12pm on Saturday, September 3rd at the Welcome Centre and name their chaperone.

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We would like to thank all of our Sponsors. Their generous commitments are making this event possible. Keep a look out for more information on our valued sponsors.